The demo page.
This page demonstrates the ability of connector using default settings, I have put quite heavy load options under mocking functions. Messages sending is triggered asynchronously.
There is 6 screens which are outputs for instances of 6 BNCConnector objects, notice, this is quite crouded case, in reality one will never have more than one instance in one browser page context. By clicking long button, there will be created instance of connector with IP equal to "YY" (notice peers present changes).
YY instance will start sending asynchronously, to other peers present in system, 100 messages.
If you open many pages with this demo you will see this YY connector sending messages to external pages, bare in mind, having tens of connectors is an crouded setup when you send in same time to all of them messages. In general, having tens of html pages opened is pretty heavy (imagine 100 pages opened on your computer...).

"Peers present" simply displays current peers connected (from all pages of your browser which loads this website).

Hint: Copy URL from address bar and load it in second opened window and try mocking again...